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Event Design That Celebrates Your Unique Story

Whisk your guests off to a tropical paradise. Immerse them in your cultural heritage. Dazzle them with a red carpet experience.

Whatever your vision, our team will help elevate your event to unparalleled heights.

Together, we’ll get crystal clear on your vision and unique story. Then we’ll curate an event design that captures the essence of who you are and what you’re celebrating.

Your enchanting love story. A career milestone. Graduation day. No matter what the momentous occasion, we’ll ensure your event decor hits all the right notes and celebrates your unique story.
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Press conference or holiday party, let us make your event magical

Whether you’re hosting a small corporate lunch or a company-wide holiday party, we can develop decor that is personalized to your company’s story.
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About Distinct Magic Decor

Distinct Magic Decor is based in Prince Edward Island. We specialize in creating magical decorations for events as well as culturally rich fusion gift boxes. The mission of Distinct Magic Decor is to create an experience for your corporate clients or business colleagues that represents your brand. Distinct Magic Decor wants to work with you to create the magical gift or event that leaves clients and colleagues alike with a lasting impression of your company’s brand.

An Invitation to Stand Out

At Distinct Magic Decor, we believe that it is our differences that make our world beautiful.

Our team, led by principal decorator, Solange Ake, will design an event that showcases your distinct style. Where fitting, we’ll infuse the design with cultural influences from around the world, while remaining true to your vision and aesthetic.

We’re passionate about helping you stand out and leave an impression on your guests that’ll last long after the party is over.
My goal is to help elevate the story of your event, simply by showcasing the culture, passions, and ideas that have made you who you are.
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    My name is Edmond PASSE. My wife and I had entrusted the decoration of our wedding to Solange and we were very satisfied. Three words to describe Solange's work: professionalism, creativity and quality. Professionalism because she is very competent, with an unequivocal seriousness and rigour. Creativity: she concocted us a floating bath on the head table. It was ingenious and a visual delight. Quality: her work is very refined. I still remember the overview of the room, with the names of the tables carefully arranged. To conclude I would say: entrust your decoration to Solange and your guests will talk to you about it all the time.
    Angeline & Mickael
    I had to organize my wedding in two weeks and Solange literally saved the day. She took care of the entire decoration of the room and I couldn't have imagined something better. The room was amazing! My hubby and I as well as all the guest were impressed by her work. I would recommend!
  • Jonathon and Diane outside dressed in wedding dress and suite
    Jonathan & Diane
    My wife and I have hired Solange on multiple occasions for her decorating skills, and she has exceeded our expectations every time. She took care of the decorating for both of our wedding ceremonies and my wife's baby shower as well. She is creative, very dedicated, and always gets the job done on time. If you need her expertise for any event big or small she is always a great choice. Numerous guests at our second wedding had the same comment that the decorating done at the venue was the best they had ever seen, and my wife and I couldn't agree more. Her service made the night truly magical for everyone in attendance.
  • Jonathon and Diane outside dressed in wedding dress and suite
    Jonathan's Mom
    Solange decorated my son's civil ceremony in 2020 and also his church wedding in 2021. Solange did a beautiful job of the hall for his civil ceremony in 2020 and also of the church at Holy Redeemer Parish and the reception at the Charlottetown Rodd Hotel in 2021. All the Venues just sparkled with her creativity and ideas. She was professional and calm at all events. The guests were very impressed with her vision. A very pleasant and hard working woman and I cannot wait to see more of her in the future.


How can I get a Quote?
Our quotes are free. Book a free consultation with me here or fill out our google form.
What are your prices? Do you have all-inclusive packages?
Yes! We have all kinds of all-inclusive packages. Book a free consultation with me here.
How can I contact you?
Book a free consultation with me here. Alternatively, feel free to DM us on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
Can we set up a consultation?
Let's chat! Book a meeting with me here.
How long in advance should I book?
Bookings are done at least three months in advance. With that said, if you’re preparing a last-minute event, please feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help where we can!
Our event plans have been changed due to Covid 19, what can we do?
If you’ve already booked our services and paid a deposit in advance, you have our guarantee that we will honour our contract as per our availability! If you’re looking for a new decorator for your event, please feel free to contact us, as we’d love to help you in whatever way we can!
I live in another town / province / country, will you be able to travel?
Yes! There is no limit to where we can travel. With that said, depending on distance, there may be additional fees included as part of travel expenses.

planning an event?

Our differences are what make us beautiful. 
Together, we can create an event that tells the story of that beauty.
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