Hi, I’m Solange Aké, the owner and principal designer at Distinct Magic Decor.

I’m more than just a decorator, I am a creative to the core.

I love designing events that bring joy and wonder to everyone in attendance.

The special occasions in life are meant to be awe-inspiring, after all.

With roots in France, the Ivory Coast, and now Prince Edward Island, I have a deep appreciation for the beauty in our differences. My cross-cultural experiences serve to inform my unique sense of style and my creative approach to event design.

If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your event to look like, I can help you unearth your unique story and style. Together, we’ll craft a vision that aligns with your true aesthetic and underlying values. Then I’ll bring your one-of-a-kind design to life so you and your guests can enjoy an unforgettable event.

On the other hand, I’m also really good at reading minds. If you have a crystal clear vision of what you want, rest assured I’ll be able to interpret your concept and bring it into a beautiful reality.

Either way, I lean into my creative talents and extensive event experience to craft visually-stunning events that reflect the essence of my clients.

And every step of the way, me and my team are dedicated to providing you with exemplary service. You deserve it.

Let’s design an event to remember.

company values

Gender equality
Good health and well being
Decent work and economic growth
Quality education
Reducing inequalities

about distict magic decor

Distinct Magic Decor is a boutique, full-service event design company serving high-end corporate and individual clients in Eastern Canada. Our mission is to create an unforgettable event experience for your guests that celebrates your unique story, traditions, values, and cultural influences.

We love designing corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, product launches, and everything else under the sun! If you have a special occasion and want it to be magical, book a free consultation with us today.
open fusion box with contents
Fusion Gift Boxes are hand-selected specialized items that help to bridge the gap between two different cultures. These carefully curated boxes contain artisanal items from Africa and Prince Edward Island, making them the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and business relationships!

planning an event?

Our differences are what make us beautiful. 
 Together, we can create an event that tells the story of that beauty.
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